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Total Area Coverage - related to GCR, UCA, and UCR.
Initial adhesion of a pressure sensitive label to a surface with a minimum of pressure and contact time. Also the feeling of "stickiness" when touching the surface of an adhesive.
See inkometer.
Tagged Image File Format:
(TIFF) A file format for exchanging bit-mapped images (usually scans) between applications.
Tamper Resistant Label:
A pressure sensitive construction made with a weak face so when removal is attempted the label will break and will not come off in one piece.
A program that lets you connect to computers all over the Internet; excellent for reaching databases.
Terabyte (TB):
One trillion bytes.
The body matter of a page or book, as distinguished from the headings.
Thermal Dye Sublimination:
Like thermal printers, except pigments are vaporized and float to desired proofing stock. Similar to Thermal Dye Diffusion Transfer, or D2T2.
Thermal Transfer Printing:
An imprinting method that uses heat and pressure to melt a wax based ink onto a label or tag.
Thermo-mechanical Pulp:
In papermaking, made by steaming wood chips prior to and during refining, producing a higher yield and stronger pulp than regular groundwood.
See Tagged Image File Format.
(Tagged Image File Format for Image Technology) A file format based on TIFF that provides an independent transport mechanism for raster images and integrates high-end and desktop publishing formats.
Various even tone areas (strengths) of a solid color.
Tipped-On Labels:
A method of label application in which the carrier is peeled back and the labels fall or "tip" onto the surface.
The specification of acceptable variations in register, densitry, dot size, plate or paper thickness, concentration of chemicals and other printing parameters.
In digital printing, imaging material also called digital inks, used in plateless printing systems like electrophotography, magnetography, ion or electron deposition and laser printers.  In inks, dye used to tone printing inks, especially black.
See scum.
Top Coat:
See Clear Coat.
A characteristic of paper, a slightly rough finish that permits it to take ink readily.
Transfer Tape:
A pressure sensitive adhesive strip applied during converting that has a liner which can be removed to expose the adhesive. Similar to a double sided tape.
Transparent Copy:
In photography, illustrative copy such as a color transparency or positive film through which light must pass in order for it to be seen or reproduced.
Transparent Ink:
A printing ink that does not conceal the color beneath.  Process inks are transparent so that they will blend to form other colors.

To exchange the position of a letter, word or line with another letter, word or line.

In printing, the ability to print a wet ink film over previously printed ink.  Dry trapping is printing wet ink over dry ink.  Wet trapping is printing wet ink over previously printed wet ink.  In prepress, refers to how much overprinting colors overlap to eliminate white lines between colors in printing.  See shokes and spreads.
Trim Marks:
In printing, marks placed on the copy to indicate the edge of the page.
Twin-wire Machine:
In papermaking, a fourdrinier paper machine with two wires instead of one, producing paper with less two-sideness.
Two-sheet Detector:
In printing presses, a device for stopping or tripping the press when more than one sheet attempts to feed into the grippers.
In paper, the property denoting difference in appearance and printability between its top (felt) and bottom(wire) sides.
Type High:
0.918 inch; the standard in letterpress.
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