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Abbreviation for mega, which is commonly used to mean one million.  In computer terminology, however, M refers to the number 1,048,576 and is used to specify the amount of storage available on a disk or in memory.  A one megabyte disk can record 1,048,576 bytes of data.  Also, an abbreviation for 1,000, as in 1,000 sheets.
Machine Coated:
Paper that is coated one or two sides on a paper machine.
Machine Direction:

The direction of paper in its forward movement through a paper handling machine or printing press.
Machine Readable:
Refers to the scanning of barcode symbology by a laser scanner or similar device. This is also referred to as Scanability.
Magenta Screen:
A dyed contact screen, used for making halftones.
Magnetic Storage:
Any disk, film, tape, drum, or core that is used to store digital information.
In platemaking, a plate that is remade.
In printing, all work done to set up a press for printing.
In color separation photography, an intermediate photographic negative or positive used in color correction. In offset lithography, opaque material used to protect open or selected areas of a printing plate during exposure.
A plate for a duplicating machine.
The remaining face and adhesive layer of a pressure sensitive construction surrounding a die cut label. The matrix is generally removed from all labels except our stock laser products.
Matte Finish:
Dull paper finish without gloss or luster.
In composition, the width of type, usually expressed in picas.
Mechanical Pulp:
In papermaking, groundwood pulp produced by mechanically grinding logs or wood chips.  It is used mainly for newsprint and as an ingredient of base stock for lower grade publication papers.
(M, Mbyte, MB, Meg) One million character codes on the computer.  Also, a unit of measure equal to 1,024 kilobytes, or 1,048,576 bytes.
(MHz) Frequency equal to one million cycles per second.  Measures bandwidth or analog electronic signals.
The ability of a pressure sensitive label to return to it's former construction after being subjected to change.
In electronic publishing, a method for selecting alternative functions displayed as a list on a workstation screen.  Selection via mouse, key or sequence of keys.
Metric System:
A decimal system adopted by most countries for solid, liquid and distance measurements.  See grammage.
(Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) The process of reading characters by means of magnetic sensing. This term applies to the row of numbers found in the lower left corner of a check.
The silicon chip with thousands of electronic components that serves as the central processing unit in microcomputers.
The tonal range between highlights and shadows of a photograph or reproduction.
A device that converts digital signals from your computer into analog signals to send over the phone lines (MODulation) and converts the phone's analog signals into digital for the computer (DEModulation).
In color process printing, the undesirable screen pattern caused byb incorrect screen angles of overprinting halftones.
In offset lithography, a thick cotton fabric similar to flannel used on the dampening rollers of a press.
A video screen on a workstation.
A single color, as in a monochromatic display monitor.
In artwork, several photographs combined to form a composite illustration.
The spotty or uneven appearance of printing, mostly in solid areas.
Mottled Surface/Mottling:
Non-uniform appearance or coloring of a face material. Blotching.
A hand-held device that moves the cursor on a workstation by moving the device on a flat surface.
Mullen Tester:
A machine for testing the bursting strength of paper.
Multiple Web Construction:

A construction consisting of two or more face materials and/or adhesives on the same liner.
Multi-Width or Multiple Width:
Labels that have more than one label running across the page horizontally. Usually refers to a Pinfeed Label.
In offset perparation, a polyester film specially suited for stripping positives because of its mechanical strength and dimensional stability.
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