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The functional portion of a pressure sensitive construction, comprised of the face material and adhesive, cut into various shapes.
Label Height/Depth/Length:
The verticle measurement on a label from top to bottom, when label is traveling in machine direction. This is the second measurement listed with our product description.
Label Size:
The measurement of the label, typically in inches. Width by Depth.
A clear resin/solvent coating, usually glossy, applied to a printed sheet for protection or appearance.
See matrix.
Laid Paper:
Paper with a pattern of parallel lines at equal distances, giving a ribbed effect.
A plastic film bonded by heat and pressure to a printed sheet for protection or appearance.
(Local Area Network) Communication link in a localized area, such as an office, building, complex of buildings or campus, with technology that provide a  high-bandwidth, low-cost medium to which many computer nodes can be connected.
(Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) An intense light beam with very narrow bandwidth used in digital-imaging devices to produce images by electronic impulses from computers or facsimile transmission.
Laser Printing:
A process of imprinting where light generated from a laser or diode creates a static charge on a photographically sensitive cylinder. The charged cylinder attracts toner, which is transferred to the label face creating an image. This method of printing is associated with our pressure sensitive products. (MLL, BLL, MC or BC prefixes.)
Laser Platemaking:
The use of lasers for exposing digital plates.
Laser Printer:
A computer that creates images by drawing them on a metal drum with a laser.  The image is then made visible by electrostatically attracting dry ink powder to it, as in photocopiers.  The majority of laser printers output at a resolution of 300 dpi.
Latex-Impregnated Paper:
Paper saturated with latex during it's formation making it stronger, more resistant to moisture and abrasion, more flexible and more durable. This stock is paired with a pressure sensitive removable adhesive and is found with our Tape Reel Products or those products with the prefix TR.
The drawing or sketch of a proposed printed piece.  In platemaking, a sheet indicating the settings for a step-and-repeat machine.
In composition, rows of dashes or dots to guide the eye across the page.  Used in tabular work, programs, tables of contents, etc. 
(Pronounced Ledding) In composition, the distance from baseline to baseline of lines of type measured in points.
Ledger Paper:
A grade of business paper generally used for keeping records that is subjected to appreciable wear, so it requires a high degree of durability and performance.
A relief printing method.  Printing is done from cast metal type or plates on which the image or printing areas are raised above the nonprinting areas.  Ink rollers touch only the top surface of the raised areas; the nonprinting areas are lower and do not receive ink.  The inked image is transferred directly to the paper.
The placing of additional space between each letter of a word.
Lift Tab:
A label edge that is not coated with adhesive and allows for easy removal of the label. The adhesive coating used is referred to as a patterned gum, and is found on piggyback labels.
Line Art:
Black and white artwork that can be reproduced as is. See Camera Ready Copy.
Line Copy:
Any copy suitable for reproduction without using a halftone screen.
A paper or film found with pressure sensitive labels that acts as a carrier for the label. Prior to label application it protects the adhesive and readily separates from the label at the time of application. The liner normally has a silicone coating, a substance pressure sensitive adhesive does not readily bond with.
Local Area Network:
See LAN.
Logotype (or logo):
The name of a company or product in a special design used as a trademark in advertising.
Long Ink:
An ink that has good flow on ink rollers of a press.  If the ink is too long, it breaks up into filaments on the press and causes flying, as on a newspaper press.
Compression that allows the file to be compresses with no information lost.
Compression format that removes some of the data so the compression algorithm is much more effective but image quality can suffer.
The small letters in type, as distinguished from the capital letters.
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