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Inkjet / Laser Labels - Compulabel # 410354

Label Pic

Compare to Avery® 5392™
Catalog Number: 410354
Uses: Name Badge Card
Color: WHITE 
Label Size (WxD): 4" x 3"
Overall Size: 8.5" x 11"
Labels Across: 2
Cards per Sheet: 6
Sheets per inner carton: 100
Comments: Use these durable cards to make professional name badges in only minutes, using your home or office printer. We use premium paper stock for superior print quality – no smudging. Also ideal for coupons and place cards.

AVERY® labels are manufactured by Avery Dennison. does not manufacture or offer for sale AVERY® label products. Avery®, Neato®, CD Stomper®, Memorex®, Personal CD®, and HP Label® are not manufactured or offered for sale by
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